Juliana Pieschacon

Economist & corporate social responsibility and development specialist – University of Los Andes –
Mi bigger purpose is serving corporations and organizations with a social impact. I’m passionate towards making sure I find my own light by serving others.

I help organizations achieve their social responsibility goals by using concepts such as Shared Value, Sustainability, and Circular Economy. I firmly believe in the thorough measurement of the true impact of projects that aim at positively impact a social issue. This is why I have specialized in calculating SROI – Social Return on Investment, change theory and sustainable development goals (SDG) UNDP propósito superior es servir a entidades y proyectos con impacto social.  Apasionada por no abandonar este mundo sin haber descubierto mi luz para el servicio de otros. 

The quote that inspires me: Be the change you want to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

Angela Castañeda

Professional in Social Sciences and International Relations at The International American University Richmond  

I lived 14 years in England working in media, for the financial and commercial areas. In 2013 I returned to Colombia and I turn my career around, starting my professional life in my country, in a foundation that uses art as a mechanism to develop a life project for children and youth in vulnerable populations.

My perception of reality and the needs of many communities in my country and in Latin America, arouse great interest in creating projects that manage to promote a better quality of life and a balance in society. From this I have full commitment to get involved in  social responsibility and sustainability issues with high impact.

What inspires me: “What matters in life is not the mere fact of having lived. It is the changes that we have brought about in the lives of others that determine the meaning of ours ”Nelson Mandela”


Based on the purpose of each of our clients, we will accompany you to find actions that leave a legacy on the improvement of economic, social and environmental conditions for communities by maintaining business competitiveness. Finding the right medium, identifying and expanding connections between economic and social progress. This applies to commercial companies and also to NGOs.

We have great strength in research, we know and want to know more. We generate knowledge in a rigorous way and transmit it in the form of Diagnostics, Plans, Programs or Projects, tailored to each client and their purpose of impacting beyond the business itself.

We know and share that discipline and good judgment in the development of tasks establish the best of our support. In addition we work to open a constructive and assertive communication within the framework of mutual trust for our clients.

Our consultants ensure an excellent interpretation of the data, the theoretical framework and the different characterizations of populations in order to get follow-ups and measurements that tell us about the changes caused, the expected impacts in the communities.