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We design and develop plans to integrate strategy with the social and environmental purposes of our clients. We join our experience and knowledge inspired by the notion of making the concept of Shared Value real.
Ready to listen

Understanding a mission, ideas and information that lead us assertively to the needs and thus define tactics and budget as a well as concept map and technical requirements

Loading ideas

The process takes shape, bringing ideas to established objectives, connecting with analysis and research.

Two hemispheres united

Combining the best of logic and creativity with social empathy, we design plans, strategies and projects, formulating them from a holistic concept, such as shared value: Benefit for all parties.

Let's take action

From inside the field of action or as external observers, the delivery of the project begins, joining pieces for a perfect fit in the development of plans.


To measure quantitatively and qualitatively all the projects. Also, evaluations are an essential part for improvements and replicas- The circle begins again.


Client Photo
Sylvia Ospina Arts Director British Council

With TRATU, at the head of Angela and Juliana, we count with their great professionalism, commitment and rigor. The ease way they have approached to understand the vast cultural and creative world of the British Council Colombia is an example of their capacity of the analysis and strategic vision. Highlight their human quality and the confidence that allows us to achieve the objectives set with the results of the SROI. With this Brithis Counsil hopes to generate a significant impact for the creative sector.

Client Photo
Angela Fiorenza Aguirre Peresson Founder - President Lovenet Foundation.

Big dreams require the best teams and Tratu has been able to interpret the vision of our Foundation in the best way, designing and materializing the perfect routes to achieve our objectives. We have always counted on their great professionalism,holistic vision and a great human sense that makes us believe that we can achieve our dreams and expand them further with the help of this company.

Client Photo
Juan Mario Quiñones General Manager Market Team SAS

With Juliana's diligent and analytical support, in articulating the SDG Sustainable Development Goals, with the general strategy of our company, we were able to start designing actions focused on medium and long-term planning in light of the SDGs that align to our business purpose.

Client Photo
Adriana Raba Manager HR Business Partner Andean Cluster SC Johnson & Son.

I had the opportunity to work directly with Angela and I can say that it was a pleasure to have her professional experience, learning about the issues of social responsibility and networking that contributed to the fulfillment of the objectives that we set in the company, this in addition to her human qualities and always willing to help others. Thank you Angela for your contributions

Client Photo
Diana Restrepo Sound Artist and performer. Co-Founder Vozterra

Artistic projects usually have the need to understand their road maps or to project their proposals from the point of view of Social Responsibility and as artists we have good ideas for our projects but we need to fit it into a business plan with business strategies and structure. governance, with the additional objective of making investment rounds or finding allies for our projects. My experience from Vozterra with Tratu, offered me tools to design the road map that allows me to continue with the project and gave the basis for structuring the arguments to get partners.

Client Photo
Johana Bahamon Founder of the Internal Action Foundation

The calculation of the analysis of the Social Return on Investment - SROI, carried out by Juliana and her team, for the Internal Restaurant of our foundation, gives us the certainty that the impact that we hope to cause is taking place! This analysis is the result of a deep and professional study and investigation of the multiple environments. We hope we can count on your support on some of our other projects.

Client Photo
Makis Medina co-founder of Wonder for People

Having the professional and personal support of Tratú represents a very valuable resource for us. They not only act as part of our team but are also permanently looking for opportunities for the business to continue to grow and impact.

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Angela Castañeda

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