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Corporate Government

Design of the governance scheme for NGOs, avoiding conflicts of interest and promoting transparency

Shared Value

Integrative plans between social and environmental purpose, from the business strategy

Alliances and Management

Support in the management of alliances between organizations with shared objectives and mission, as well as participation in related clusters

Fundraising Plans

An adequate strategy to obtain funds to carry out projects will have a significant impact on the operation of NGOs.

Strategic Planning - SDGs

Accompaniment in the articulation plan of the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), in the commercial strategy of a company, finding which of these objectives will be part of the goals on the front line.


Accompaniment and design of plans for sustained economic growth, inclusive and sustainable, promoting innovation and responsible consumption


Finding joint answers to eradicate poverty, famine, disease and malnutrition, illiteracy or poor educational, gender inequality and mistreatment, inhuman settlements, injustices in war torn territories


Monitoring and measurement of plans that guarantee access to drinking water and sewage systems, as well as plans that preserve marine life and terrestrial ecosystems and circular waste and post-consumption management programs

SROI, Social Return on Investment 

Research, calculation and analysis of the SROI for the Social Impact Projects

Impact Evaluation

Qualitative method of evaluation with an inductive approach, incorporating the external factors of projects, to observe the interactions that occur between beneficiaries and projects, in their geographical, cultural, organizational and historical context (Stufflebean, 2000)

GRI Report

We accompany the design and development of reports with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards that represent best practices at global level to publicly report the economic, environmental and social impacts of an organization

SDG Action Manager

Accompaniment and guide to follow up on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) for organizations and projects