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The Inherent Nature of Kindness – Tratú

The Inherent Nature of Kindness

Recently I went through a self-reflection exercise where I defined what motivates me and why I get up in the morning. I am motivated, both in my work and personal life (which there is an increasingly grey line between) to truly make other people’s lives better. I believe that Acts of Kindness are the core of how we can help improve other people’s lives through our daily actions.

COVID-19 has had a devasting impact on human connection and the toll on the human psyche will have lasting and unknown effects. At the same time, it seems the news would want us to think that people are inherently unkind, unempathetic, and polarized. I wholeheartedly believe that is incorrect and that humans have a desire at their core to be kind. We need to recreate a world where Kindness is amplified and encouraged, and empathy is taught and valued. 

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Written by: Nicole Yelsey

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